Holiday styles, flannel shirts, and PJ’s were the spirit day themes to end the 2021 calendar year at Avonworth High School. Student Council added a new experience, holiday movies screening in the auditorium, running from the start of LEAD at 8 AM until the end of Lunch 3 on Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021.

“My parents encouraged me do it, and some of my friends were doing it so I decided to join in.” Freshmen Jordan Hart

Laurel Purcell:
I thought it was something fun that we could do to get into the holiday spirit. I thought it was just something nice and it didn’t take a lot of was just something to like lighten the mood in the last couple of days before break. Not really, just sleeping, getting caught up on some work, maybe seeing some friends and family who are in town. Not really, I think probably I am planning to see more people because last December it was more of a COVID risk and this year everyone who I am planning on seeing will be vaccinated and also probably social distancing and being careful like last year. And also a lot of my friends from last year went away to college this year so I did not have a lot of need to see them last year but it’s been a while and a lot of them are home from college. I am hopeful to have a better year than the last two years. I do not know how well this is going to go with the whole OMICRON thing, a couple of weeks ago I probably would have said closer to the end with COVID but now I am probably just hoping that we can continue out the year normally and finish out the school year in a safe way but also as close to normal as possible. Also, if we do end up going virtual, or anything like that, then I am just hoping that everybody can stay safe and that everybody can adjust as we did before.
Me: “what motivated you to wear the sweater today”
Warren: “just school spirit, really”
Amelia Hardiman:
Just to get into the holiday spirit. No, just relaxing and hanging out with my family. It is different because I can get with my family. They live out of state. Just getting away from COVID, just a new start.


Fundraising continued on Tuesday with the Good Loven Mobile Cookie cart working it’s way around the halls during LEAD.

Tuesday also marked Flannel Day, a newer tradition through the 2010’s and early 2020’s.

Vanessa Amayo, a freshman, was pictured wearing 7 flannels for spirit week. When asked about it, Amayo remarked “I have 6 more at home.”

Wednesday finished off the short week with a new experience, Holiday movies in the auditorium, where students could sign up and attend if they had an OPEN MOD or permission from a teacher.

Since COVID started in March 2020, this was the first activity held in the auditorium open to the whole student body (if they chose).


About 40 students grades 9 through 11 attending the 8 AM showing of Polar Express, one of four holiday themed movies Student Council was screening in the auditorium until the end of Lunch 3.
AHS Student Council’s winter holiday spirit week schedule, all animated classics.


Photos and captions from various members of the Journalism 1 2021 class. 

By Mod F/G on Wednesday the 22nd, over 200 students were not in attendance at the high school. This was still hundreds more compared to December 2020, when rising COVID cases and no vaccines or FDA approved treatments existed for COVID-19, and the district kept all students learning virtually for the entire month.


Back to December 2021, students still in attendance (as well as participating staff and teachers) for afternoon classes remained cozy with PJ day being the final theme for this shortened week.

Guidance councilor Mr. Como was one of a few staff members who fully participated in PJ day.


Students in the library participating in PJ day – IMG_2153[1]

Photos and captions from various members of the Journalism 1 2021 class. 


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