Spotify is one of the top music streaming services of 2021. From playlists made just for you to Spotify Wrapped 2021, Spotify goes above and beyond to create each user’s homepage specific to their music tastes.

The majority of Avonworth High School students agree, including freshmen Cassidy Johncour, saying she likes Spotify “better than other music streaming apps because it’s free.” 


Freshman Rocco D’ambrosio exclaimed, “I think Spotify is pretty helpful when I don’t know what to listen to.” Much of Spotify’s popularity with high school students is the variety of music they curate for you and the ease of having the app on your phone. Instead of You Tube Music or other services, Spotify remains the standard for platforms because it delivers the expected fast-paced speed of an algorithm-based music app. When you open the page, Spotify not only gives you a playlist or songs you’ve listened to recently, but they also put together various playlists of new songs or podcasts you could be interested in based on your past listens.


On December 1, 2021, this year’s Spotify Wrapped came out. Spotify Wrapped eports your activity from your last 365 days of listening. It includes total listening hours, top artists, top genres, top 5 songs, etc. If you’re a high school student in 2021, you’re probably seeing people posting and sharing their Spotify wrapped to their friends and on social media. 

Yasmin Lima, sophomore, said her Spotify Wrapped was “very accurate this year.” She goes on to say, “I think that Spotify does a good job because as soon as you open the app you have so many options.”


Freshman Jayla Jones shared what she thought of this year’s Spotify Wrapped: “I really enjoyed looking through my Spotify Wrapped. It was accurate and entertaining to read and look through.”

Many people don’t like Spotify because of its ads and limits, but Jayla added, “I really like Spotify. I really depend on it and I don’t really care about the ads and skip limits.”


Mariah McDowell, freshman, disagrees saying, “I HAD Spotify but I deleted it because of the skip limits per hour so I have to use all my skips to get to the one song I like. I didn’t really like it so now I use YouTube music.”

Various people have complained about the skip limits and ads on Spotify. The official rule is that the user is only allowed 6 skips per hour.


“I don’t really use it because there are a lot of ads,” says Freshman Lily Anderson. 


Another Freshman, Ben Kozup adds, “I do not have Spotify. I don’t like the ads. I have it downloaded but I don’t use it because I have Apple Music for free.” 


The one way you could receive unlimited skips per hour is if you get Spotify premium. The premium costs a total of $9.99 a month for unlimited skips and add free listening and some people are not up for paying that amount of money, also considering if it’s a child or someone younger who can’t pay for it themselves, they wouldn’t want it. 

Some people, like Lily and Ben, have resorted to using other, less personalized, music streaming apps. Kacey Lavelle has found easier usage in Musi: “I use Musi. It mutes the ads and it’s free and you can only do that if you pay for Spotify premium.”


Despite this, Spotify still has an estimate of 381 million users and 172 million premium subscribers as of 2021. Compare this to only 144 million premium subscribers in 2020. 

Aside from the ad limits, Spotify is one of the most dominant music streaming services of 2021 because of its effective personalization. Surely, 2021 remains the year of Spotify.

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