Spider-Man: No Way Home is the latest installment of the MCU films and the third installment to the “Home” trilogy of Spiderman films. This movie not only exceeds the previous two Spiderman films in nearly every aspect, but also every MCU movie to date. A divisive opinion nonetheless, but this film delivers big time in characters, plot, action, stakes, and scale.

Every character in the film has a purpose to be there, and a good purpose at that. The main protagonist’ , Peter Parker’s/Spiderman’s, identity has been revealed to the public eye and this creates many problems for the hero. This Peter Parker carries the quintessential Spiderman trait in that he never catches a break in his life, but always continues in his efforts to help people in need. A few villains from previous Spiderman universes return as well in No Way Home, and instead of changing or altering their arcs seen in the previous films, Marvel builds upon those arcs and brings each of them into a satisfying conclusion to each character.

The stakes and scale of this film are not to be shouldered off either: this film has been deemed “Spider-Man: Endgame” for a reason. While holding an extremely emotional and personal story to the characters, the stakes have never been more serious. This is no longer about the universe at stake, it is about the infinite amount of universes and the ramifications of those universes colliding. By refraining from any spoilers, the movie is able to utilize the multiverse extremely well and tie it in with Peter’s personal journey as a character. There are twists, turns, and fantastic action scenes that not only show a battle, but bring emotional depth to those battles.

This film lacks in no aspect, it is full speed ahead all the way through. One moment you might think you will have a breather, but in a split second a monumental reveal might happen. It’s resolution not only leaves the Spider-Man character in an extremely interesting place at the end, but leaves the character open to an amazing future full of exciting opportunities. Overall, Spider-Man: No Way Home delivers on all fronts with little to no problems in its structure at all, and leaves the future of Spider-Man looking bright.

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