Below are a few things I would like to take with me into the New Year or leave in 2021! Also, check out our TikTok @Official_Avonews for a video where I discussed these topics.

Leave behind in 2021:

  • The amount of unnecessary pressure we put on ourselves as high school students
  • Procrastinating: This is thankfully something I have gotten better with, but I still do it occasionally so I would like to leave it behind fully.

Bring into 2022:

  • The new skills found from quarantine: the ability to discover what works for me when it comes to time management. I learned that making list a week in advance of what I need to get accomplished had helped me stay on top of my school work.
  • The adaptation skills just about everybody acquired due to the chaotic change that came with the Pandemic.
  • Keep helping others: during the pandemic, it has been a trend for those who are fortunate enough to help those who are being greatly affected by the pandemic. Lots of people had been struck hard with poverty during this hard year, and those who were able had thankfully taken on giving back to those communities who needed it most. It created a much-needed sense of unity in the world as well.Be Kind – popular wall mural – Photowall

Comment down below what you would like to leave behind this year and take with you into next year!

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