On December 7th, 2021, for 15 minutes, allocated during MOD C/D, all Avonworth High School students participated in something called the PASS survey.

The PASS survey is an online resource that school districts purchase. The survey’s goal is to identify fragile learners and what they are held back by. This move seems to be right in line with what the new superintendent, Dr. Hadley, has said his goals for the school were. From lunches with students to other school surveys, Dr. Hadley seems to have made it clear that to improve the school, he will first focus on listening to students.

“After taking the quiz I realized it was shorter than I expected.” said freshman Rocco D’ambrosio. However, it seems like, to students, the PASS survey missed its mark in reaching out. 15 minutes were reserved during the entire highschools MOD C/D for the survey, but many students said that the survey did not take up even half of that time period. “It took me like two minutes,” said freshman Emma Noss.

Beyond the confusion about the timing, the questions themselves on the survey seemed to turn heads. “I think that this was a great opportunity to reach out to students who may be in need. I wish there were more mental health-oriented questions.” said freshman Veronica Garcia, and she was not the only one. Many other students shared this sediment, finding that most of the questions were about their academics and school life when it was advertised to them about surveying mental health.

Ultimately, the PASS survey seemed like it was presented with good intentions. With continued effort and movement from the administration to put students’ health and perspective first, the PASS survey may just be the first of many, potentially good, changes brought by Dr. Hadley.

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