For 15 years the Pittsburgh Penguins have been blessed with three superstars in the NHL. Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Kristopher Letang, known as the core of the team, have brought the Penguins organization three Stanley cups in their time here

Penguins take on Stars without Crosby or Malkin. The Pens took the Stars to a shootout. They did lose, but they got one point.

. After the Penguins 2017 championship, there have been ongoing rumors of the core splitting up. Many have mixed emotions on this subject. Personally, I believe that the Penguins should have traded Evgeni Malkin before he slowed down after the 2018 season.


Although the points speak for themselves he is an elite player, but his worth in the NHL is going down more and more every year. Evgeni Malkin has been an amazing player his whole career but since 2018 he has not been the same. He constantly turns the puck over trying to make dekes and plays. Although Pens fans would not like this idea of trading him it would give us something for the future. 

Penguins play Divison rivals the Capitals. Penguins take a 4-2 win. Sidney Crosby starting to heat up.

It is no news to any Penguins fans that our future is not bright. Making this move could give us a future star in the league. Malkin’s contract is 8 years x $76 million. Considering the star is 35, and entering his final year in his contract it would be a wise move to trade him. If the Penguins decided to re-sign him it would be no more than a 5-year contract, and no more than $7 million.  He is not the only star who needs to be re-signed this offseason. Kris Letang is another veteran whose contract comes to an end this season. 


Many would say that if we were to let go of Malkin it would be a horrible mistake. I truly believe that it would clear cap space, and allow the Penguins to have a bright future. Although it would be extremely difficult to see one of this city’s favorites go, it would be a wise decision. 

Penguins pull a 1-0 win against the Ducks. The Netminder secured his first shut-out of the season. All done without Evgeni Malkin.


Some may say, why not Letang instead of Malkin? This is because Letang is a very big deal to our defensive structure. Letang and his linemate Brian Dumoulin are a key piece to this Penguins team. Without Letang, the Pens defense structure would crumble. The Penguins this season have proved time, and time again that they do not need Evgeni Malkin. Jeff Carter fits the second line center perfectly. 

After an amazing hot streak, Jake Guentzel is out with a broken hand. Guentzel took a slap shot to the hand and continued to play, and score 2 goals. Guentzel will now be out week to week.


Sidney Crosby is out of the question, he has shown that even with age he can still produce and fill an important spot on the roster. This core has brought this city great success, but it is time to start thinking of the future. 

Evgeni Malkin has skated recently. He took part in penguins’ practice in a non-contact jersey. He should join the Penguins’ usual practice quite soon.

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