2020 was one of the most hectic years of student life, however, at Avonworth it also included a spark of hope that students could begin making changes from their perspective and to make Avonworth a place of equity and inclusive knowledge. 

Approved by the high school board, the Social Justice Club had made its debut in February. Though due to Covid right around the corner, the club had no choice but to be put on hold until a future date.


Now in the year 2021, the Social Justice Club is back and more ready than ever; however, in the time of covid alterations were made to shed light on what Avonworth needed. Now called SHOUT (Social Handprints Overcoming Unjust Treatment), the former Social Justice Club is focusing on student opinions and a more creative approach to making our school a better place for everyone. 


The club’s main changes have been massive. Though keeping the same goal in mind, they have changed their plans entirely. Instead of having a teaching curriculum, one where they have lessons and gather information about what change is, the club is now focusing on a unique way of making improvements to our school. This way it can be a more improved and inclusive place for all students. SHOUT encourages student opinions and is run almost entirely by the student body that consists of the organization. Thus problems with equity can be solved faster because students are the first-hand consumers of education here, in that fashion they can explain and change what is making their education inequitable. 


Dr. George is one of the three supervisors for the club and was able to give a quote in detail about what it means to our school in her own words. “Avonworth SHOUT is promoting true change by having students work together to identify issues and, in turn, using problem-solving skills to develop solutions through events and initiatives. I am really excited to be co-sponsoring this club with Mrs. Shumaker.”, was her response when asked about the club’s true meaning to the community. 


In the first two meetings of SHOUT, the club has already discussed concerns about how our school is flawed but can be improved even in the smallest ways. The clubs first plan for educating others on diversity is to start to use the flatscreens near the middle and high school office to create slideshows about certain months or days that are used to celebrate diversity on a massive scale. Stay tuned for announcements and look out for flat screen changes, as well as school-wide events coming soon!


Needless to say, this club is here to stay and will be improving Avonworth like never before.

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