If you are a Steelers fan, an NFL fan or even if you just live in Pittsburgh, then you know who Ben Roethlisberger is and his success. On December 4th, the Steelers 39-year-old quarterback had a retirement rumor get out to the public. Any Steelers fan will see this as a very bad issue. The Steelers have had a lot of success with Ben at QB, but without Ben, the team hasn’t been as productive on the field. In 2019 Ben went under right elbow surgery and would be out for the season. At this time they gave the leadership role to 2nd year QB Mason Rudolph out of Oklahoma State. The Steelers fans are now very familiar with how the team runs under Mason. The now 4th-year quarterback started against the 0-9 Lions. The tied outcome of the game showed how the Steelers would be in trouble if Ben left. Mason Rudolph should not be the next Pittsburgh QB. 


Steelers Quarterback Ben Rothislburger has had an outstanding career with Pittsburgh. He has led them to 2 Superbowl victories in 3 appearances. He has been in the league for 18 years with 6 pro-bowl appearances. The loss of Ben will hurt the team if they can’t find an experienced QB to pick up where Rolthisburger left off. 

PICTURE HERE OF RUDOLPH AND HASKINS – Caption is why both of them would be bad for the team

I believe that the Steelers should solve their quarterback problem by picking up an experienced QB. Someone like Aaron Rodgers or Russel Wilson has been seen as unhappy to be in their cities. Either one of these quarterbacks would be really good for the team. Other people think that the team should draft a QB. As many Pittsburgh fans know Kenny Pickett has been a good quarterback for the Pitt Panthers. Many fans think that he is the future of the team if they are able to get him in the draft. I have been to watch Kenny Pickett play and he does have NFL talent but not the spark that the team needs to succeed right away. Even though he was a Heisman finalist he does not have the talent to be the future QB of the team. People think that the Steelers should pick Kenny because getting an experienced QB would be really expensive for a team that is close to the salary cap. 



Pitt Quarterback with the Heisman Trophy on December 11th. To his left is Mighigans Aidan Hutchinson. To the right of Kenny is Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud and the Heisman Trophy winner from Alabama Bryce Young. Kenny showed high potential all year long but ended up getting 3rd in the final voting






Packers QB Aaron Rodgers who has seen to be close with Mike Tomlin, the Steelers coach, when the two teams played. This is a QB who could pick up where Ben left off and use the offense that is already in place. Aaron Rodgers is the Steeler’s best chance and succeeding in the near future. 

Picking up an experienced QB is the correct move for the Steelers. They need to reload their offense and not rebuild it. Pittsburgh picked running back Najee Haris in the 1st round and tight-end Pat Friurmuth in the 2nd round. They used two of their picks on offensive players so there is no reason they should waste their rookie talent with a sub-par rookie QB. They need an experienced guy to lead the offense which is already set to succeed with a good leader at QB. 






Russel Wilson is the QB in Seattle. He has had great success and would make a good impact on the team. In Seatle, he has been battling many injuries and not great team success in the last year. It might be time for Russel to move onto another city such as Pittsburgh. 

If the Steelers want to succeed in the near future then they need to pick up an experienced QB instead of drafting a rookie. Steelers fans can’t really make the GM and owner of the team make these decisions but fans can start by sharing their opinion on social media. Social Media may get its way to management in the organization which could influence the team to make the best decision. 

These two players were the 1st and 2nd round picks for the Steelers in the 2020 NFL draft. Both players previously had amazing collegiate careers and had great success in their first year in the NFL. These two offensive weapons would benefit with Aaron Rodgers or Russel Wilson at QB. 



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