Things are looking up for Avonworth winter sports. Despite this, some new conflict has been rising alongside the spike in COVID cases due to the contagious Omicron variant.

Girls Basketball is one of a few sports impacted by COVID. They had a regular season matchup cancelled due to too many players out with COVID.

As for the current bowling season, freshman Marshall McCall says, “The season is going great!” And he’s not wrong, on account of their current record: “The boys varsity team had only lost one out of about six or seven games.” he continued, “I think the girls varsity is undefeated”.


Even though there was an impressive turnout for Avonworth’s bowling team this year, it seemed to be hit-or-miss for other schools that have possibly been hit hard by Omicron. “There was one person, total, on the team we played yesterday [January 5th]! I was surprised they didn’t forfeit. I’m guessing most of the team was out from the COVID variant.” Marshall stated. It seems that Omicron may not be your average COVID variant.


Jack Blaser, the Boys Swim Team Captain, had mentioned that the season is “going great!” He exclaimed. “I mean, we’re still in our section and still undefeated. We lost against a former AAA team who bumped down to AA, for some reason… Hampton [the school]. We lost on the boys side but that doesn’t really count towards our undefeated section.” Jack continued, “So we’re gonna rebuild after breaking down, and we’re gonna get back on the horse, and we’re gonna kick some… y’know.” He proceeded to ask, “can that go in?” 


When later asked about the newer covid variant, Jack blurted out, “Oh it’s bad. Everything is canceled!” He continued to give details, being careful as not to shout in the library. “It turns out on Tuesday, a lot of the people that were at practice had covid, which sent everything into a frenzy. The entire practice is shut down now! Everything is left up in the air on what the heck is going on, half the team may have been in close contact, and I’m having a heart attack in Mr. Tuffiash’s class because I’m reading texts from my boss, my coach and my mom!” Jack received multiple texts even during our interview.


The wrestling team, on the other hand, is having their problems in a different area. “Most of the kids work hard in practice, we just don’t show it on the mat,” says freshman wrestler Luke Maddalena. He continues to say, “On some occasions we’ve had dual meets and have been completely destroyed” Although when Luke was questioned about the Omicron variant it was apparent that it hadn’t been in issue. “I hadn’t heard much about it, at least not when it comes to wrestling. Of course if the school gets shut down again, then it’s a different story.” 


Like in the fall, Avonworth winter sports seem to be running relatively smoothly and playing well. Although, it seems the new COVID variant may flip this entirely on its head.

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