Whether it has been COVID, the raid on the capital, or weird food trends, this year has sure been unique. 


The food trends of 2021 had mostly aired on TikTok. From cereal with no milk to vegetables as substitutes for meat, Tiktok users had quite a year with interesting recipes.  


Nature’s Cereal is a twist on classic cereal. It is a bowl of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries filled with coconut water and ice. It was created by Wayne Mears, known as @natures_food on TikTok. When asked about her opinion on nature’s cereal, Freshman Katie Petrina had commented, “It was just on my for you page and I tried it because we had all the ingredients, it was just water and berries. It was horrible.” 

Feta Pasta is a hearty dish with tomatoes, feta cheese, pasta, and fresh spices. The recipe was created by a Finnish food blogger, named Jenni but known as Liemessa. She had shared her creation back in 2019. 


Baked Oats. A healthy and delicious ten-minute breakfast or dessert. Although the original recipe owner is unknown, this captivating technique for oats has dated back to the 1910s. Freshman Abby Brooks commented, “Baked oats are so so good.”


Pasta Chips seem hard to make. Although they are a little complicated, Tiktokers this year decided to go homemade with this crunchy treat. A gourmet food entrepreneur named Jerry Bello after a trip through the Tuscan countryside.  


Bell Peppers seem like a usual snack. Although they are known to pair well with ranch, Tiktok user @happyhealthyhailey had created the combination of bell peppers, cream cheese, and lunch meats. Over five million users on Tiktok had instantly fallen in love with this easy, midday snack. 

Although most dentists had warned Tiktok against frozen honey, it was one of the most popular trends of 2021. Tiktok users had loved it so much, they had used other condiments and liquids such as ranch dressing. This recipe had started mid-summer when Tiktoker Dave Ramirez had revealed it was one of his favorite refreshing snack. While the trend had almost 200 million followers within days, Freshman Claire Boughton had disagreed with the majority. She had said, “It was really bad. I thought I would like the taste of honey and when I tried it, it tasted really bad and had a really bad texture.”

While being a popular vegan trend, carrot bacon had made its debut on Tiktok when Tabitha Brown used her air fryer to make this snack. Within days, this trend had become very popular. 


Following the release of Squid Games on Netflix, the tradition of Dalgona Cookie cutouts had reached Tiktok.


Additional Reporting from Willow Wright and Bonnie Herring.

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  1. I like how you mentioned multiple trends and their creators. I really liked most of these food trends that were a hit in 2021.

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