This winter, many people in the Pittsburgh area, including our own Avonworth students and community members, were left surprised over the lack of cold weather and snow during the entire month of December 2021.


Not only were AHS students disappointed in the absence of snow this year, but they were also concerned about this situation as another sign of the negative impacts of global warming. 


“The lack of snow makes me sad because the Earth is warming and it might not ever be even as cold as it is now again, ” said freshman Elena Zimmerman. “Snow is fun and it makes me sad for the environment that we haven’t got that much this year.”

Ari McCarson, who also is a freshman, agreed. “It seems like generally a bad sign for climate change. I mean this season there should’ve been much colder weather and it’s not normal or healthy for the environment for it to be 50 degrees on Christmas. Also, I’ve seen a lot of robins around the school lately and they should’ve migrated months ago. The temperatures haven’t been cold enough for them to migrate and that’s a problem.”

These two pictures were taken 24 hours apart. The first one, taken on January 6th, is the grassy bare setting students have seen the summer – a symbol of the global warming concern for some. A small snowfall of a few inches came the next day, January 7th.

These weather conditions resulted in not only many winter plans and activities being canceled/delayed but also resulted in the AHS Ski Club moving their trip all the way to January 29. This was especially discouraging for Ski Club because they are a returning club that just recently got reapproved.  


Skiers like freshman Ava Silvey were upset: “ I haven’t been able to go skiing at all because the slopes are really bad.  I do have hope for snow in the future because its been freezing temperatures for the past two days”


Pittsburgh averages 27.7 inches of snow per year. This winter season, it only snowed .1 inches. Three to four inches of snow were predicted for this past Thursday (January 6th) but then it’s back to rain and frigid weather the rest of January.

“It hasn’t snowed all winter so far, which is almost unheard of In Pittsburgh. The thing I miss most about snow is the feeling that it brings along with it. It just isn’t the same when it doesn’t snow in winter” says freshman Ava Monkelis.

Additional reporting by Kayla Geouque

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