In 2022 the new Avonworth parking lot is being put to use. As it is now used for All student drivers to park in. Many believe this is a great thing that all the students are parking in the same lot instead of two separate lots. For Juniors this may not be a big deal, the lot is closer to the building and much larger than the Lenzner field parking lot, but for seniors, it’s a different story. These seniors paid for their own parking spot, and now they are on a first come first serve basis. Senior Lucas Connelly thinks that “I think it’s unfair to us seniors, at least the fact that we don’t get any money back ”. Juniors and Seniors have to pay $25 for their parking spot, and seniors get their own space. Now they put everyone in the same lot with no designated parking for Seniors. 

As the new lot is closer to the building than the Lenzner field lot, Junior Mariah Johnson says “ it’s a lot more accessible as a junior”. When asked if she found it unfair to seniors she said “ I think I would be pretty unhappy with it cause some effort into painting their spots so yes.” In the winter the new parking lot will come in handy as Juniors don’t have to walk from the Lenzner lot to the entrance. 

Although Sophomore Stuart McAdams cannot drive yet he believes that “It’s unfair to the seniors who paid for their own spot” and when asked if he’s excited to be able to park in it next year he responded, “ Yes, it’s a very big space, and it’s closer to the entrances.” The new lot doesn’t affect junior parking very much at all besides it’s closer to the entrance of the building. Although Junior isn’t affected by the new parking lot rules they do understand the anger some seniors might hold toward these new rules.

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