Just like birthdays and holidays, new years resolutions come and go each year. According to a 2021 survey, only 29 percent of Americans made new year’s resolutions. 

Basic resolutions can range from working out more to finding a new house.


A few questions we had were how did covid affect resolutions, do students plan to keep them, and what exactly are they?


Freshman Claire Boughton says she wants to “do twenty push-ups a day” to keep a “healthy mind and a healthy body.”


Some students decided to take another route. How else do students plan to self-improve? 


Freshman Sydney Shields told us that she plans to “keep her room cleaner.” When asked, she said that “COVID will most likely not affect my resolution at all.” 


Sophomore Kelly Kashaba disagreed and said that “COVID will restrict my resolution to visit new places due to shutdowns and other COVID restrictions in place.”


Freshman Fiona Mahan said that she just wants her new year’s resolutions and everything to “free flow” and see how it goes.


The New York Times had shown that in a “1988 study from the University of Scranton that followed 200 resolvers over a two-year period, only 19 percent had managed to maintain their pledges to the end.” 


The Vox talks about how “young women on tiktok are eschewing New Year’s resolutions for a “2022 rebrand”.”Basically what they are saying is that women of tik tok have decided to change themselves into a different person like their health or their aesthetic.


On tik tok @ninagelina shows you how to plan your “2022 rebrand”.She starts by saying”I wrote down all of my goals that I would need to do daily,weekly and monthly to achieve them and then 

I made a morning and night routine and then daily and weekly habit tracker that reflected these actions. I printed these out and framed them hanging in my bathroom so I can see them everyday.”


They are other multiple tiktoks that give you ideas on how to keep on going with your “2022 rebrand”!


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