The first Monday back after winter break I expected to come back to classrooms full of exhausted students who all messed up their sleep schedules the past week. Instead, I came back to nearly a quarter of the students in my classes out of school due to being in quarantine – while the ones that were there were still tired of course. With Omicron making its way into the states just before break, I did expect there to be more cases in our community after break, just due to the fact that most people traveled to see their families over the holidays. But it was a lot worse than I expected.


Nearly 50 students had been on the COVID list on Monday, and the number had fluctuated throughout the week. I even had a few teachers who had to quarantine. I can’t help but think back to March 2020, where we all believed that we would have to quarantine for two weeks until the virus passed over, and were all excited to have an ‘extended spring break’. These two situations are eerily similar to one another, and as sports games begin to get canceled, I can’t help but be anxious for the weeks to come. The girls basketball game was canceled this Thursday night, and other sports administrators are even talking about other potential closings within the next few weeks. I even had seen a few schools on the local news channels considering a two week closure until numbers were lower. 


I, personally, do not believe that our school is going to close down if the numbers stay the way that they are now. However, being that some kids may be asymptomatic attending school within the past week, there is always a chance that the numbers go up, but hopefully not. It is hard to say if I believe that we should keep everyone in person or not. I do believe that there would be benefits if we closed for two weeks ONLY then went back to all in person. It would most likely lower the number of asymptomatic transmission, and hopefully make it more safe than it is now. Yet, there would still most likely be more cases in the future due to how much more contagious the Omicron Variant is. If there is to be a two week closure, in my opinion it would be most beneficial to do it within the next week instead of waiting until there are more cases. All things considered though, I have hope that we won’t have a repeat of March 2020. Our administration and board has learned a lot about what works for our district over the past two years, and the CDC has more information on the virus to prepare us for any changes in the near future. 

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