On Friday, January 21, Avonworth high school had its first indoor pep rally since 2019 in the high school gym to celebrate the winter sports season and increase school spirit.


The AHS marching band, lead by Mr. Guess, played a street beat as well as numbers from a few of the past years, as students entered the auditorium.
AHS cheerleaders, led by their captains, put on a number of eye-catching routes before announcing the progress of their season.
The highlight of the pep rally, the tug-of-war, inspired more enthusiasm than expected and made the pep rally a true success.
On one end of the gym, containing mostly sophomore guys, the crowd was more hyped than the rest, and helped raise the energy level of the whole gym.
The sophomore team surprised everyone by beating both the freshman and the junior teams before facing off with and losing to the seniors.

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