With a conclusion to both Pitt and Penn State’s seasons, both College Football teams have a disappointing end for their fans.

In the 2021-2022 season, Pitt had a final record of 11-3, the best in a while. Up and coming QB Kenny Pickett had an amazing season, with 42 touchdowns in the 2021-2022 season, 4th most in College Football. He also has thrown 4,319 Yards, the 6th most for Quarterbacks. Pickett also has some very talented wide receivers. Jordan Addison has scored 17 touchdowns with 1,593 yards, being ranked 12th best Wide Receiver in College Football. Along with many other talented players like Gavin Bartholomew, Jaylon Barden, Israel Abanikanda, and many more. With so many talented plates, Pitt advanced to The Peach Bowl against Michigan State.

Days before the Peach Bowl began, Kenny Pickett announced he will not play in it, wanting to protect his NFL draft status or not wanting to risk getting injured. This was a tough loss for Pitt, having to put in back-up QB Nick Patti. Entering The Peach Bowl, Pitt started off strong with a 14-10 lead at halftime. By the 4th quarter, things seemed to look hopeful as Pitt was leading by 21-10. Things started to turn around when Michigan St. scored another 2 touchdowns, making it 24-21. As Pitt was close to the red zone, Michigan St picked it off, making a pick-six, A conclusion to Pitt’s season with a somber ending.

In Penn State’s 2021-2022 season, their overall record was 7-6. Compared to the year before this one, Penn State scored 4-5 then opted out of the season. Their current QB, Sean Clifford is ranked in the “Needs improvement” category, struggling compared to his previous seasons. Penn State suffered a lot of losses last year due to the NFL draft, and it shows. Pat Freimuth, drafted by The Pittsburgh Steelers was one of PSUs star players. Though they may have lost many good players, they still have many young stars. Jaquan Briskey is a top 15 Safety in CFB, Noah Cain, Rasheed Walker, and many more. Entering Their Outback bowl, Many Penn State Fans did not have high expectations of going against The Arkansas Razorbacks, but many expected a more disappointing season than they had.

In Pennsylvania’s Outback Bowl, Penn State already had a disadvantage towards winning as their opponent, Arkansas, had a more impressive seasonal score at 8-4, now 9-4. During the second quarter, Sean Clifford threw a 42-yard touchdown pass to Lambert-Smith; this added in total to Clifford’s mediocre 195 yards thrown this game. Clifford’s competition rate was 14 for 32 (Clifford’s lowest completion rate all season). As well as Clifford’s disappointing comp rate, he also threw 2 interceptions, one being in the fourth quarter. At the end of the day, the Razorbacks beat Penn State 24-10.

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  1. I Think you covered Pitt and Penn State’s seasons well. It was interesting how you incorporated the NFL draft to show how teams lost players and had players opt-out to avoid injury. One thing I think you should have covered was Kenny Pickett being the runner-up for the Heisman. I think it’s an important part of Pitts season. I like the way you used the stats of both teams to explain their seasons in engaging and exciting ways.

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