If you have lived in Pittsburgh for your entire life,Then you are missing out on a phonomenal food experience.For example,Raising Canes.

Canes is a restaurant that is in only 23 states and new multiple food locations under construction.I have lived in Kentucky my whole life until may and moved to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and found out that Pittsburgh does not have Canes yet.Since I’ve moved here I have been craving canes a lot but the nearest location is in Ohio and it is around 2 hours away!Canes mostly have chicken fingers,chicken sandwiches,Texas toast,coleslaw,and crinkle-cut  fries.There are different types of combos you can get like the box combo and the three finger combo just comes with 3 chicken fingers,texas toast,and fries it is just that box combo comes with coleslaw.The caniac combo which comes with double the size,the sandwich combo and the kids combo.

THE SAUCE! The sauce is hard to explain.It smells so good and it is this super good thick sauce.It is smooth.It’s the right texture.It is warm.The sauce is not sticky and it is really delicious. It even comes in a full cup!People like to argue over if Chick-Fil-A sauce is better than Canes sauce or if Canes sauce is better than Chick-Fil-A sauce.It stays on the chicken and fries and bread for a while than sometimes it drips but it is not messy.Some of the main ingredients are mayonnaise,ketchup,black pepper and more.But it is so worth it.

This toast is not any toast you had before.I have seeds on the outsides. It is golden brown.It is soft,chewy,buttery,and warm. This toast is one of my comfort foods with the sauce.This comes with the combos.

Crinkle Cut Fries – These fries are good because they are FRIES!All fries are good in general.But canes fries are perfectly salted and hot when served and super good with the sauce.

Last – right now you have to drive to Boardman, Ohio, about an hour from the high school, to eat a meal there. 

This is a picture of the owners in Boardman – just two years ago https://businessjournaldaily.com/raising-canes-makes-valley-debut/


Now that you read this you’re probably like how will I even get this!Well the first step you can do is find a friend at Boardman high school.Here’s the link https://www.boardman.k12.oh.us/1/Home. Then you can order door dash and then
buy them a combo for them and one for you – here is the link for that.
https://www.shopfood.com/online-shopping/can-you-order-doordash-for-someone-else/ Meet up and have a picnic!

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