January ended with 2 consecutive 2 hour delays for Avonworth High School. Students were generally happy with the delays, but some were mad that it wasn’t called off earlier.

Thursday, January 27th, was the  first 2 hour delay because of freezing temperatures. Many students would have to  stand outside to wait for the bus, but because the wind chill was below freezing, Avonworth decided to delay. On Thursday morning, the weather was 21 degrees, but it actually felt like 9 degrees  since the wind speed was 11 miles northwest.

Friday, January 28th’s road conditions were dangerous and should be kept on watch. Both ice and snow covered roads across the district and the precipitation had not yet subsided by 8 AM.  People driving on the roads should drive at a slow pace and keep an eye on the conditions so no accident happens.

Driving both days was hazardous, especially for bus 215 as it left the high school campus on Thursday.

Thankfully nobody was hurt and they were able to evacuate to a different bus and were able to get everyone home safely. 


While two days in a row of the shorter class schedules were overall a positive, a number of students were frustrated that the district contacted families around 6 AM, anywhere from 15 minutes to almost an hour after other districts had publicly posted their delays. Ava Diurba, 10th,  said, ”it’s very random but I really liked it.”

Kate Potasiewicz,10th, said “um, I like it.”

Maya Cook, also in 10th, said”I thought it was really nice, but it would have been nicer if they told us ,you know, 6 hours before.”

Emma Obersteiner, 9th, simply said,  “it was fantastic”

January 2021 ended with close to this same schedule, as the school board voted to shift the 2020-2021 school year schedule to a daily two-hour delay mode. Students had access to teachers through a virtual office hour each morning on Google Meet. By the end of January 2021 though, the board voted not only for the hybrid model students to return to school, but also for the purely virtual students to stop having separate sections of teaching and instead attend same-section classes throughout the day.

For more, read our coverage from January 2021 – https://avonewsonline.org/2021/01/return-to-school-includes-full-day-synchronous-classes-on-regular-bell-schedule/

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