The Sophomore class has an annual fundraiser for valentines day. This year we decided to open the orders to parents and middle schoolers which ended up being a huge hit. The underclassmen and teachers were very into leaving silly little notes for their friends.

This year they made over 800$, money is going towards the class of 2024 senior year prom. Media Manager Caroline Sweeny went to go pick up cookie orders Saturday morning because Good L’oven is not open on Mondays. Vice-President Cassie Henuir worked very diligently on the personalized messages. President Hayzes Robinson said,” it was very hard to deliver over 360 cookies in 40 minutes. we were on a huge time crunch.” With how many cookies were being sold this was the biggest fundraiser that the sophomore class has ever had.

This morning lopes were up bright and early today to package over 360 orders of Good L’oven cookies. The Officers went through lots of trials with time. In a group chat with all the class officers Mrs. Relsonio wrote “Can you all be at school a little early tomorrow to get the stickers on the cookies and help deliver?” Or just thinking “we would not have enough time to put the labels on during Lead.”(President Hayzes Robinson).

Another trial they had was kids ordering candy grams, but not coming in for Lead. in a group chat with all the class officers Mrs. Relsonio wrote”But I figure we can spend until 8:30 tagging them and sorting them and then deliver during Mod B since lots of kids don’t come in for Lead anyway? But all of their worries came to a close when we realized how much of a success this fundraiser was.


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