On Monday, March 7th, the Avonworth School Board will meet to discuss if masks will become optional for students and staff throughout the district. Below is a screenshot of the district communication through schoolmessenger.com on Monday afternoon, February 28th.

Here are a few highlights of the Q + A:

1 – Why can’t we immediately change COVID-19 mitigation measures (ie. masking
requirement) in Avonworth’s Health & Safety Plan?

A: Any change requires school board approval.

2 – Why isn’t the Avonworth School Board having a special meeting immediately to vote on
revisions to the District’s Health & Safety Plan?

A: There are laws that school districts must follow to schedule a school board meeting. In the state
of Pennsylvania, public meetings must be advertised in print media (scroll down to “public
notice” after clicking on this link) at least 24 hours before the meeting. Options for print
publications today are very limited and not all are printed daily. We investigated placing an ad
for a meeting to occur this week but all available publications do not have print editions until the
end of the week or Sunday.

3 – Some school districts aren’t having a school board meeting to change their mask policy.
They have already announced that they are moving to optional masking today (Feb. 28)
Why can they make the change immediately and Avonworth can’t?

A; During the CDC press conference on Friday, February 25, 2022, it was stated that schools
would not be provided with specific prevention strategies that differ from the rest of the
community moving forward. Schools should follow the community-level prevention strategies
based on community COVID-19 levels.

On Friday, February 25th, the district reported no active cases of COVID in any building.

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