On Thursday, February 3, Avonworth high school went forward with an FID day due to winter story conditions.

The winter storm, unofficially named winter storm Landon by the Weather Channel, has spread across the United States, bringing snow, sleet, and ice to a large chunk of the country. This potentially brings ice over the already surmounting snow from the past month.

Due to fear of the oncoming ice storm, the AHS administration decided to commence with a virtual two-hour day schedule. The main anxiety, it seems, was that the ice rain was forecasted to start in the middle of the day on Thursday, potentially stranding AHS students and staff in the building with unsafe weather conditions.

This was also set with the backdrop of the amount of snow that the area has had in the past two weeks and the incident where bus 215 slid off the road just the week before. No one was injured, and students were transferred to another bus shortly, but if that kind of incident was possible last week, it makes sense that tensions would be up regarding icy rain.


Often described as being like riding a bike, AHS students were forced to shift back to the virtual learning schedule of the past two COVID-19 riddled years. This brought the same tell-tale disappointment as students were reminded of the “death” of snow days, and was not easy for students or staff.

Surely enough, another FID day is expected for Friday, February 4, for the same reasons. However, this comes contentiously as power outages have plagued those who the storm has already hit, and pose a major obstacle for students trying to complete virtual learning. And as even more snow is expected in the following weeks, one can not help but wonder what school is going to look like at Avonworth this winter.

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