A look at the HVAC program at CCAC West Hills
On March 2, 2022, about 10 students went on a field trip to tour CCAC West Hills and Pittsburgh Technical College. On this trip, the students were able to view the campus, and try out new things. For example, they were allowed to rev engines of a variety of cars in the garage for the auto body program.
McKenzie McNamee, a Junior currently studying veterinary science at Beattie,  enjoyed a few features of CCAC’ West Hills life.
“I liked the food they had hoagies, cookies, and pizza ,it was really good. The hoagies were superior to anyone I’ve ever had. The dorms were bigger than I expected but cool. The places are bigger than I expected, ” said McNamee.  About PTI, McNamee said it “was bigger and had a lot of technology.”
“I would have never gone to those places if it weren’t for this field trip, said McNamee. “I would definitely recommend it to other students especially the ones who go to Beattie. “
Junior Lucas Garcia liked “the certifications (at PTI) …{it’s}  like a college version of Beattie, a lot more options for programs.” 
If you missed the field trip and are interested in either school, you can see Mrs. Levis for more details.


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