Support for Ukraine on the Avonworth campus has remained subtle but everpresent.

Statewide, support for the victims of the conflict has been strong. According to the PA State website, “Pennsylvania is home to more than 122,000 Ukrainians, the second most of any state.”

The JAM “Be the Kind Kid” Ukraine t-shirts raised more than $6000 for an organization called “Save the Children Ukraine,” of which they donated 100% of the proceeds.

On Friday, March 18th, the SHOUT club encouraged all students to wear the national colors of Ukraine, blue and yellow, representing the coastal sea and wheat fields essential to life in Ukraine,


Substitute teacher Mr. Tom Steiner brought two original bricks from the construction to build AHS in 1969-1970 as a small gesture of support towards the people fighting in Ukraine against invading Russian forces. The conflict began one month ago, February 24th, 2022, as the Russian government provided a variety of reasons, all rejected overwhelmingly by many United Nations governments as attempts to rationalize President Vladamir Putin’s invasion of the neighboring country, independent since 1991.

“I think in a very small way, it makes a big statement. About how most Avonworth students and faculty feel about what’s going on in Ukraine,” said Steiner, “there is an American flag that is to go behind them, the flag stands for America stands behind Ukraine.”


Sean Zwick had been following it closely but does not have a personal attachment to the conflict. “I just felt like it is something that we should do. We should care about lives being lost,” said Zwick.


Encouraged by Mr. Steiner and Ms. Villani, junior Sean Zwick was the person who painted and placed the bricks. ” I see what going on in the world right now, what is going on in Ukraine right now, what is going on in Europe, all of the problems that are happening, it was just like, it felt like it would mean a lot to me to do it,” said Zwick.

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