This past Wednesday, March 9th, the peer mentoring program met for an in-school field trip for half the day. The program involves high school students who choose to mentor 7th graders to help them feel more comfortable about moving into a new school and help give them guidance. I interviewed some of the mentors to get an inside of their thoughts.

Station 1: Coloring pages

 1 ) Why do you do this? 

Hayzes Robinson: I do this because I like kids. And I want to get into a good college (Standford) and this is community service hours.

Mars Horigan: I mentor because I think it’s a really great program and I’d like to help it stay at Avonworth and grow in any way that I can. I’ve always enjoyed hanging out with kids because they have a very unique perspective on the world and I think it’s good for everyone to have someone older to help them through middle school.

Mia Milojevic: Because I like to socialize with kids that are younger than me. I like to make them feel safe about being in the new building and get excited about being in the new building.

Station 2: Here is a mentee and mentor decorating Oreos.


2) were you a mentee before and did it help you? 

Hayzes Robinson: No I was not a mentee in 7th grade, but I wish I was. It seems like it’s a lot of fun and you get to be around older people that you will eventually be in high school with.

Bree Brown: Yes, I was a mentee and I loved my mentor, my experience in the program as a 7th grader helps me know what to do.

Station 3: Here we have a group playing some board games.

What’s your biggest hope about what you can provide as a mentor?

Hayzes Robinson: I hope that we will still be friends and talk even after the mentee is over. And I hope we build a friendship that lasts a long time and they know we will always be there for them.

Mars Horigan: My biggest hope is to make my mentee feel less alone. I remember middle school being one of the hardest times in my life. Everything was changing from my friend groups to even my body, so I would like to be at least one thing that is constant throughout the year for my mentee.

Bree Brown: I hope that I can be someone that my mentee looks up to and feels like she trusts.

Station 4: Making friendship bracelets



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