Here’s a look at the library space, which will convert into multiple classrooms at the end of construction.

The library shelving in the above photo will remain as part of the reconfigured library.


The palates of library books in the background are packed for storage and eventual transfer to new destinations in the Middle School.

Until this year, the empty space pictured here was instead covered with shelving, books, and a small table within each section.



This now blank space has some imprints in the carpet of shelving, which used to line both sides of the entryway into the library.

Former English teacher Mr. Steiner has seen the changes daily, having been stationed in the library in place of Mrs. Hickman since the start of May. Hickman is the MS/HS librarian as well as AP Test Coordinator, so she has been either in administration offices or at Wilson Hall in Christ Church at Grove Farm proctoring AP tests daily.

Students have been busy and quietly accepting of the change, with some sadness.

“It’s sad to see the space go,” said junior Brayden Wisniewski, “…they’re getting rid of 50% of the books. When you went into the library, you can find almost any book you want.

Meanwhile, outside, in a stretch of nice 70 degree early May weather, students enjoyed class outside. Much of what is presented here will look different in 2022-2023 – the district plans to adjust the entry lanes for student pick up and drop off.


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