The Mystery of Edwin Drood finishes its run on Saturday, May 7th. This show features a unique concept unlike every other show in the past 25 years of Mrs. Frauenholz as director: the audience gets to vote on the ending. There are three opportunities for audience participation: the identity of Dick Datchery, a detective in disguise; the murderer of Edwin Drood, the title character; and who will end up as the pair of lovers at the conclusion.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood is inspired by a real murder mystery novel by Charles Dickens. He died before the completion of the novel, so no one knows what the intended outcome of the book was. The musical features characters from the novel, as well as being a “play within a play” — meaning that each actor is playing an actor within an English Music Hall, and those fictional actors are subsequently performing the mystery.

Here are all the possible outcomes for the murderer, as well as who will be the featured “lovers” from among the cast.

The full school assembly was the first full school assembly since spring 2020.

The show itself was held at the end of April and beginning of May, a change from an earlier April or late March run as the musicals most often followed prior to the COVID pandemic in spring 2020. That year, Young Frankenstein was unfortunately canceled just over a week from performance. Last year’s show War Paint was open to the public but with COVID precautions limiting ticket sales and live attendance to only family members. Yasmin Lima says, ” I’ve heard from many different sources that their high school musical expectation is very low but this year’s musical has exceeded the expectation. I feel as though this musical is a lot more audience engaging and fun which is entertaining to sit back and watch.”


The AHS Drama department also celebrated a number of Gene Kelly Award winners from the fall play, You Can’t Take It With You:


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