While juniors were getting excited about PROM just five days away, the 9th and 10th grade students also looked ahead to the future. But unless they plan to intern at the Pittsburgh Zoo, they were thinking about another place they will share with this year’s juniors – Avonworth High School.  On Monday, May 9th, during LEAD, the school shifted away from passing out schedules at the end of the year and instead passed out schedules this morning.

Compared to many prior years, administration was significantly more involved with entering schedules through the district’s relatively new Alma software.

Additionally, the past two years deferred the scheduling process to the exact end of the year or during the summer, dur to COVID-related changes and restrictions limiting access to students.

Mr. Como and Mrs. Levis will continue to hold meetings with students throughout May to resolve conflicts.

Junior Lydjia Amayo, right, starts to envision her senior year experience as she looks at her schedule.


Mrs. Levis, Mrs. Clark, and Mrs. Williamson distributed junior schedules in the hallway off from the HS cafe.

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