Holiday break is well on its way, and many students at Avonworth are greatly anticipating the return of the widely popular Children’s Hospital Auction. Each year, thousands of dollars in donated goods are auctioned off to groups of optimistic students pooling their money, with all of the proceeds going to Children’s Hospital.

The auction is notorious for it’s crowd-pleasing (and ultimately expensive) items, which are donated by students, families, and community members weeks in advance. Common student favorites include pizzas, cheese balls, doughnuts, Starbucks, candy, two-liters of pop, energy drinks, electronic devices, appliances, and several opportunities for groups of students to get out of class and do fun things. For example, in the past teachers have auctioned off class-wide opportunities to go outside or have an in-class food day. The amount of things donated and sold seemingly grows every year, and some years the auction has nearly spanned all eight periods of the school day. There have also been some rarities sold off for unnecessary amounts of money… Every year, at least one oversized stuffed animal is given away to the highest bidder. Some might recall Senior Rory Watters’ purchase of a live chicken. The donation possibilities are endless.

The auction is widely regarded as one of the most exciting in-school days of the year. However, this fun holiday event can’t go on without an adequate amount of donations. There have been upsetting years where not many items are donated and everything is sold relatively quickly, in which case students are sent back to regularly scheduled classes. The average high school student doesn’t want to go back to a class when there is opportunity for food, socialization, live music, and a worthwhile and fulfilling way to blow their parents’ money (especially on one of the final days before the break,) so please consider donating this season. Remember, as commonly stated by student council members and those who run the auction, it’s all “For the kids.”

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