Senior Logan Yovetich, winner of the Avonews ticket raffle, enjoyed pop singer Daya’s Stage AE show on March 30th. Arriving at the venue at roughly 6:30, Logan says she “waited in a line that wrapped around the block.” Shortly after doors opened at 7, opening band Liberty Deep Down, a Columbus pop-punk boyband, came on. “They were cute,” she recalls, “they sounded great and had some pretty good man buns.”

Liberty Deep Down took the stage first


After their set, Atlanta pop singer Alexx Mack took the stage. Logan enjoyed her set, but didn’t know any of her songs and wasn’t as impressed. When Daya came on, “everyone got really excited,” she said. “You could tell she was from Pittsburgh. Her immediate and extended family was there, and she even had her dog onstage with her at one point.”

Mt. Lebanon native Daya and her all-female band play a hometown show


Daya sang many of her newer songs and radio hits. Logan said she was interested to see that all of Daya’s backing musicians were females, likely “part of a women’s empowerment sort of movement.” Entering with low-to-medium expectations, she was pleased to report that the concert was a fun time, and “more than worth the $5 raffle ticket.”

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