Last Wednesday before the break, several students and staff in conjunction with Avonworth Key Club wore their “End the R-Word” t-shirts as part of the campaign of the same name to “spread the word to end the word.” The purpose of the movement, which is supported by the Special Olympics and Best Buddies program, is to end hurtful and derogatory language in modern school environments and to inspire respect and acceptance through raising consciousness which they believe is “essential to the movement for the dignity of humanity.” A table was set in the hallway during lunches 1-3 where students could enter a raffle to win their own End the R-Word t-shirts and other merchandise. Not enough students entered the raffle, so those who entered were automatically given the shirts. In addition, a poster was sat out on which students could sign their names to pledge. The organization’s website allows you to pledge online for students who may have wanted to but didn’t get a chance.

“Language affects attitudes. Attitudes impact actions. Make your pledge.”

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