Rumors have been spreading all around the Avonworth community, rumors about whether or not Riley’s Summer Seat Farm is being sold or not.  On September 24th 2013 that question was answered by Mr. Riley himself.   For the community it would mean more children in the school, more traffic on the roads, and a rise in property values. For Mr. Riley it would mean the end of a legacy of farming. Riley’s farm has been in the community for many years and has supplied pumpkins for generations of kids.  Many rumors have spread around the community that Riley’s Farm will be sold for a housing development. Other rumors heard, like the one sophomore Jarred Malatak understood, was that Riley’s Farm’s fields would be sold while the front business would stay open. However all these rumors are not true.

The township had approved of the selling of the farm yet Mr. Riley decided that without the fields it would be “bad for business” and he would not be selling the farms. The unsuccessful attempt to buy the farm is a major sigh of relief for many young adults in the community like Abby Oberdick and Natalie Simmons.  Natalie said herself “I don’t want it to be sold” as opposed to Molly Rind said “He’s selling the back acres.” This is not true that Mr. Riley is selling the back acres but he is busy with the season and will be back once the season has moved on.

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  1. Interesting article because there have been many rumors going around the community regarding Riley selling his farm.

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