After the addition of the new water bottle filler in the high school hallway, many students have noticed the continued development of the “Make Your Mark” mural behind the fountain. A recent announcement notified the school that the final step that the wall needs is the student body’s touch. Literally. If anyone buys an aluminum water bottle in this coming spring season, they get to put their thumbprint on the wall to commemorate the first day of spring and celebrate conservation efforts in our school district.

5 Replies to “Water Bottle Fountain Updates”

  1. This article was very informative. I knew that we could buy water bottles to help conservation efforts, but I did not know anything about putting our thumbprints on the wall.

  2. I think being able to “make your mark on the wall” is a good idea and can also encourage people to buy the water bottles. Also I really like the new water fountain and the water is finally clear and not cloudy.

  3. Using pictures to get people interested in something so positive really helps make this article very informative and helpful.

  4. I like the pictures that were included with the article. They added a lot to the article and allowed readers to actually see the project going on.

  5. This is really interesting and the mural that is coming along is going to be really cool! Also, the water bottle fountain is very useful

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