Question 1 for interviewers: How did PJ day make the regular school day more fun?

-¨It made me feel more comfy in my pjs than my regular clothes.¨

– ¨When I wear my pjs it is not a real day and I feel empowered.¨

– “I am super comfy and I like onsies¨

-¨Because I am cozy¨

-¨I felt cozy all day¨


Question 2 for interviewers: How did PJ day make the day more visually interesting?

-¨I got to look at all the different pjs everyone wore and the different choices.¨

-¨I like to see how people are when they are not all dressed up¨

-¨It was cool to see all the different pjs¨

-¨Because I am a huge dude in a fury suit¨

Question 3 for interviewers: Who wore PJ best and had the best theme?

-¨Myself (Kem)¨

-¨Me (Nicole Costa)and Abby Crilley¨

-¨I did (Nick Weiser)

¨I liked Hayden Robinsonś outfit because she has a Eor onesie on¨








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