Oh Riverdale, with its twists, turns, and unexpected events in every episode. This is a CW show, and it has taken the World by storm. It is one of the most talked about shows by teens right now. The last season aired on January 26, 2017. Riverdale is based on old comics called Archie Comics. It is set in a town called, Riverdale, and the show revolves around six teens. The six main teens are Archie, Betty, Jughead, Veronica, Kevin, and Cheryl. It is a hard-hitting, dramatic show about death, family, power, and innocence.

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The first season revolves around Cheryl Blossom, and her family. Her brother, Jason Blossom, is found dead and washed up from the river. Kevin Keller is the one to find Jason´s body, and he reports this to his dad who is the sheriff. The police launch an investigation to find out who murdered Jason Blossom, and no one is safe from being suspected. Archie and Ms. Grundy were by the river the day he was killed, but they cannot use each other as an alibis. This leads to huge problems for them. Kevin is quickly ruled out since he found the body, and he is the sheriffs son.

Jughead Jones is the son of FP Jones. FP is the leader of a gang called the Serpents. He is instantly suspected because of this. Betty´s family is also suspected, because her sister Polly was dating Jason. Polly is suddenly gone around the same time of Jason´s death. This arose suspicion around the Cooper family. Betty´s parents were also known for having problems with the Blossom family, and everyone knew that they did not like Jason. Veronica Lodge´s family is also suspected, because her father is a very powerful man. He is in jail for alleged crimes, but he still has an influence on the outside world. Cheryl and her family are also not exonerated, in fact, they are high on the list of suspects. Many factors go into this considering how strict/violent her parents are, and how close she was to her brother.

Now that you have the basic layout of the Riverdale plot, we can go into season two.

WARNING: This will contain spoilers, so be aware.

Season two of Riverdale has finally aired on October 11th, 2017. People all around the world could barely contain themselves. There were so many unanswered questions from the last season, and so many questions about what was coming next. The very last episode of season one ended with Archie’s dad being shot. No one knew what this would bring, or what would happen next. Directors, and all those involved promised that season two was going to be darker. It was going to be more action-packed, drama felt, and suspenseful. This promise was well kept when the first episode of season two came out. The end episode, as well as the end of the second episode, showed someone being killed by a masked man.

So far there is no real evidence about who the killer is, other than that he has very green eyes. Carly Spahr, freshmen, made a prediction saying, ¨I’ve heard differing opinions because Jughead seems to think it was somebody who was fired whenever they closed down Archie’s dad’s business. But, I have a feeling it is somebody who we don’t know yet, cause most of the main characters from season one, like none of them, have disappeared unless it’s a serpent.¨

The very first person to be killed was, Ms. Grudy. She was from season one, and she left very quickly. This made people question why she was going so fast, and without any consequences for her actions. When asked if this was a big deal, Carly Spahr said, ¨I think it was a big deal for everyone but, for Archie, it was in the..they show a scene where the teacher announces it and it is kind of like aw, but Archie freaks out. So, I think for some people it is a big deal because some people know about the scandal and some people don’t.¨

So far Grundy is the only one that the masked man has killed, but people are questioning who will be killed next. Miracle Bynum, freshmen, thinks that ¨Someone really important like maybe a serpent or maybe the sheriff’s son, Kevin. Just someone important-¨ will be killed next. 

A very important character was also introduced in the first episode of season two. This character was Hiram Lodge, Veronica´s dad. So much suspense has been made around him, that it was very unnerving when he was introduced. Selena Abernathy, freshmen said, ¨I think it’s going to make it very more dramatic and very more realistic.¨

One of the main characters, Archie, is also shown buying a gun illegally. He is trying to find ways to protect everyone, and this was his solution. This was a huge deal, considering that he should not have the gun. Abby Kline took to saying, ¨I think Archie is going to have a mental breakdown he is possibly going to kill someone to defend his dad.¨ Knowing Riverdale, something like this is most likely up their sleeve. 

Character development has to happen through all the struggles that they will no doubt have to go through. When asking about the character development Carly Spahr said, ¨I think that Betty is kind of follow with Jughead maybe because Jughead is getting involved with the serpents and they’d maybe want to be part of that, but at the same time I think she kind of becoming more independent and she probably doesn’t want to listen to her mom anymore, she will go with Jughead and maybe get herself into trouble. And then I think Archie and Veronica are going to be fine because Veronica has her own family problems with her dad.¨


This also follows the question of Cheryl this season. So far she has been crazy, controlling, and unpredictable. Cheryl is very much a mystery, as well as this entire season. So many questions, and such a lack of answers. Hopefully, throughout this season the question will be answered, and fully explained.

List of Questions to be answered from first three episodes:

  • Who is the masked man?
  • Why is Hermione so afraid of Hiram?
  • Why did Hiram buy Pops?
  • Why does he only kill certain things?
  • What is Archie going to do with the gun?
  • How will Jughead deal with his new school and the Serpents?
  • Is Cheryl okay, or does she need mental help?
  • Is Kevin ok?
  • Why was Grundy the only one killed and was Moose suppose to stay alive?

These are just some of the questions that need to be answered going forward.

4 Replies to “Sweet, Sweet Riverdale – Thoughts and Reactions from fans of the show”

  1. This article was really good and really gets you interested in Riverdale. I also liked how you went through each main plot point and asked a different student their opinion/prediction about it.

  2. As someone who has just recently watched the show, I think the article did a really good job explaining what the show was about for someone who had not watched it, and it was really interesting you could also read ahead if you had already started the show. In addition, I liked the inclusion of many different people’s thoughts and opinions, and enjoyed the list of questions at the end of the article.

  3. I really liked the fact that you included what other people thought of the show in addition to your own opinions because you get to see a widespread panel of thoughts. I also really like how you include people’s pictures because I don’t know a lot of the people who go to our school, especially freshmen, so it really helps to put a name to the face.

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