/// Additional reporting done by Abby Kline and Haley Reilly///

The latest controversy,here at Avonworth highs school, is whether you should attend a volleyball or soccer game. Both teams are superior as they both made it to playoffs. Unfortunately, the girls soccer team played their playoff game on Thursday night, at Peters Township High School, against Waynesburg and lost. The volleyball team also played their first playoff game on Thursday night, at home, and beat South Park 3-1. Since both teams had such successful seasons, the crowds at the games were filled with cheering, Avonworth fans, but there was a divide between the strictly soccer fans and strictly volleyball fans. We were curious how many of each their were, so we took to the halls of Avonworth. When asked if she would rather go to a soccer or volleyball game, Alex Flynn, a freshman said, ” I would rather go to a volleyball game because volleyball is a lot more interesting.We then asked what she thought the rest of the student body would answer, to which she responded, “It honestly depends, I feel like it would be 50/50.”


When Miracle Bynum, a freshman was asked the same question, she said,”I would personally rather go to a soccer game because I really enjoy soccer, but I feel like a lot of students would say volleyball because they find soccer boring.” We then asked a total of 22 Avonworth students if they, simply, would rather attend a soccer or volleyball game. The result was exactly 50/50. I personally don’t find this shocking because I feel like everyone just has their own opinions on sports. Overall, our volleyball and soccer teams have had extremely successful seasons and every Avonworth student should show support to both.

6 Replies to “Would Avonworth students rather attend a volleyball or soccer game?”

  1. This article gives the reader a detailed and short summary of the past games that the soccer and volleyball team have had. The interviews provided a lot of insight into whether a student would want to attend a volleyball or soccer game. Yet, I think if you guys would have added a pie chart that had a collective response of most of the high school, it would have been more insightful.

  2. I think considering this was a fun topic and common issue this was a great topic choice. I love the quotes as well.

  3. I liked the fact that you included the thoughts of students, but I thought it would be better if you had included people from different grade levels because it seems that upperclassmen are very involved in attending sports events; it would also give you a wider view on the entire student body if you included someone from every grade level. Overall, the article poses a conflict and explains a reasonable explanation as to why both teams deserve equal support.

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