Avonworth High School officially has a coffee shop starting this November:¬† the Lopes Lounge. Students can order hot drinks or cold drinks Monday and Friday from 1st through 3’rd period. My reporting partner Marissa Manz joined me as we interviewed students around¬†the school about their favorite drinks off the menu.

The top five seem to be french vanilla cappuccinos, peach tea, regular coffee, french vanilla iced coffee, and regular iced coffee.

Junior Julia Casey pictured in front, holding one of the popular hot drinks served in the Lounge through the brand new Avonworth Coffee Company


French vanilla hot drink- 3 votes

Regular coffee- 2 votes

French vanilla iced coffee- 1 vote

Regular iced coffee- 1 vote

Peach tea- 1 vote

10 Replies to “Students Favorites From the First Ever Lopes Lounge Drink Menu”

  1. I think it was very interesting that you interviewed kids instead of just doing an informative article. It drew my attention much quicker, and I agreed with the voters.

  2. It was really interesting to see what people’s favorite drinks were since the Lopes Lounge is so popular and offers so many drink options.

  3. I liked this idea and I think that it is interesting. Although, I feel like you should have interview more people and maybe some teachers too to see if there was a difference between the teachers preference and the kids preference.

  4. The only coffee that I get from the lounge is the French Vanilla Cappuccino. I agree that it is the best choice, although I have not tasted any others. I like the article, but I think that the image displayed as the thumbnail should be changed. I think that the sign should be somewhere else in the photo so that it is not blocking the picture, or taking up too much space.

  5. I like how you got pictures of the students and their coffee. I also like how you added what the top drinks were.

  6. Overall, I think that this is a good, simple break-down of what students favorite drinks have been so far, but it would have been interesting to see if the data would have changed if you waited and talked to even more people.

  7. I really like the fact that you got to see what other students thought of the drinks, instead of just doing an informative article or one of just your thoughts on all the drinks. In the future, it may be interesting to see what faculty members thought of the cafe or interview those running the lounge.

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