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Once a year, here at Avonworth, there is an opportunity for girls to play a competitive football game against each other.  This year is no different as the annual powder puff football game is being held on November 30th and is being run by Mrs. Reilsono and her student council officers.

To get an exact definition of what the Powderpuff football program is we talked to Mrs. Reilsono. She answered,  “Powder puff football is a chance for the boys football team to coach the girls in the building and the girls play their own football game against each other.” Additionally, every girl that signs up, for a $15 fee, gets a t-shirt. 

As far as the amount of sign-ups, Mrs Reilsono says “It’s been an issue in the past” but she thinks that ” a lot more girls are on board now” and “it will be a fun night.” We wanted to know who was planning on doing it, so we talked to Adrianna Giusto, a freshman. Adrianna is planning on signing up and when asked if she liked the idea of Powderpuff she said, “I feel like the idea of Powderpuff is a good one because it shows that girls can do anything boys can do.” She also stated that she “hopes their is a good turnout of girls.”

Overall, the Powderpuff football game is going to be super enjoyable and I believe that every Avonworth girl should consider signing up or attending the game to cheer on their friends. Good luck to all the girls and coaches participating in Powderpuff!

7 Replies to “The Annual Powderpuff Football Game is Almost Here”

  1. I think it is great that you guys got some input from Mrs. Reilsono, but I think you should have gotten more interviews with girls who are participating in the event. That would have showed more input on who is participating in Powderpuffs. Also, you might have wanted to ask Mrs. Reilsono how many people were participating in the event. -Chintha Kathiresan

  2. I think this is a really nicely written article. It is very informative and is about a topic that is very well known.

  3. I like how you went directly to Mrs. Reilsono and had her comment on what she thought about Powderpuff. Also, I like how you got a girl who was planning on playing powderpuff to give a quote for your article.

  4. It was a good idea to interview someone who is signing up. However, I think for more depth, interviewing a football player who was coaching, and someone who is not participating should have been interviewed.

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