2018 High School Awards Assembly

Below is a list of award winners from the assembly held on Thursday morning, May 31st, in the high school auditorium: Photos by Chloe Boothby:

ARMY ROTC Scholarship
Andy Chrvala

AWBCC Salutatorian:
 Cameron Galloway

AWBCC Recognition: Paige Adams, Malachi Bynum, Rocco Gallippi, Eleanor Hardiman, Dan Harris, Jonah King, Kat Kosko, Jenna Kreutzer

Avonworth Fund for Educational Excellence
A.W. Beattie Award:  Cameron Galloway
AP French:  Calvin Zheng
AP Latin:  Katie Carlson
AP Spanish: Twesha Modi
AP Chinese:  Ethan  Woodfill

Musical Director Awards: Brooke Mellon, Langley Turcsanyi, Gabriella Walko

Museum Research Paper Awards:
AP: Brooke Mellon
Academic: Martin Knuth

David J. Mayernik Citizenship Award  (from AFEE):
William Markus Colenbrander

Avonworth Citizenship and Leadership Award/
9th Grade Citizenship:

Sean Boaks;  Haley Williams, Kyra Carlson – tie

AXA Achievement Scholarship:
Ethan Woodfill

Air Force Academy Appointment:  Alex Osborn

Hannah Milbert Memorial Scholarship: 
Liam Goetz,  William Colenbrander and Tess Theobold

Global Exchange Awards: Astrid Huang , Nuri Sayuti

Emsworth Dare to Dream: Brooke Mellon

Princeton Book Award: Chloe Cropper

Schaffner STEM Award: Katie Carlson, Twesha Modi, Richard Danylo, Gillian Mullins, Isabel Talarico

Special Recognition for Girls Track and Field State Championship Team

Lenzner Family Award:  Grace Joyce 

Bellevue Chiropractic Center Health & Wellness Scholarship: Gillian Mullins

Avon Club Scholarship: Isabel Talerico
Kathy Hall scholarship: Isabel Talerico

Jacob Snively Memorial Scholarship: Ben Houser

Athenian Award: Drew Ronk

National Merit Awards
2018 NMS Commended Student: Isabel Talerico
NMS Honored – Wiley Bozada, Chloe Cropper, Lucas McDonald
National Hispanic Merit Scholar Honored – Wiley Bozada
North Pittsburgh Counselor Consortium Book Award:– Richard Danylo, Brooke Mellon

U of Rochester Award
Douglass/Susan B Anthony:  Lucas McDonald,
Xerox Award:  Marion Haney
George Eastman Young Leaders Award: Tess Theobald

Chatham University Rachel Carson Healthy Planet Book Award: Derek Johncour

Jamie and Ali McMutrie Spirit of Giving Award: Twesha Modi

Rensselaer Medal: Amadeus Stern

George Washington University Book Award: Maya Berardi

David R Williams Award: Alaina Giovengo

Male and Female Athlete of the Year:
Turner Grau and Hunter Robinson

Avonworth Soccer Association Helen Croft Scholarship: Clay Hall, Bethany Kujawinski

Brian Burlsworth Award :Macklin Yarris

Westinghouse Science Awards:
Hannah Banks, Justin Belvedere, Wiley Bozada, Jonah Brandt, Maya French, Madison Haver, Mason Herzig, Kiersten Kocher, Cole Logan, Tara McCafferty, Lucas McDonald, Bridget Schmidt, Summer Skillen, Emily Tyler

Art Awards
Scholastic Art: Camryn Root, Katie Carlson
Portfolio of the Year; Julia Wimer
Most Improved: Katie Carlson
Artist of the Year: Mary Opipery

National Arts Honor Society: Brooke Mellon, Katie Carlson, Mary Opipery, Julia Wimer, Naudia Ellis, Tyler Smith

Pathway Honors Chord:
 Arts: Maura Corder

12th Grade English Vocab Award  Lily Jensen, Richard Danylo, Twesha Modi, Taylor Geppert, Katie Carlson, Savannah Grandovic

Fall Play/ Spring Musical Recognition – Brooke Mellon, Madison Deen, Logan Karwoski, Alison Joyce, Calvin Zheng, Gabrielle Walko, Langley Turcsanyi, Abby Stewart, Erin Ove, Madison Haver 

Special Recognition for participation in Spring Musical 1776: Tess Theobold, David Binley, Emily Tyler, Katie Carlson (Gene Kelly Award Nominee), Carolyn Abramowich, Julia Ciarimboli
Special Recognition for Shakespeare Monologue Competition Placement: Summer Skillen and Maura Corder

National School Choral Award/ Mr. Warren:
Fred Waring Directors Award– Tess Theobold 

District/Regional/State Choir Competition recognition: Isabel Thompson, Emily Tyler

Overall Recognition: Maura Corder

Senior Class Officers:
President: Macklin Yarris,
Vice President: Devyn Hundertmark
Secretary:Drew Ronk
Treasurer: Darius Simmons

Top percent of 2018: Honor Chords
  Ben Snively, Drew Ronk, Brooke Mellon, Reed Hall, Will Colenbrander, Katie Carlson, Devyn Hundertmark, Taylor Geppert, Calvin Zheng, Twesha Modi,

Pathways Cords presented by Pathway Leaders

STEM: Will Colenbrander, Katie Carlson, Martin Knuth, Abby Crilley, Drew Ronk, Michael Sefick

Public and International Relations:
Emily Haburjak, Gabriella Grachen, Ben Houser, Andy Chrvala

Health & Medicine: Brant McAdams, Twesha Modi, Taylor Hayhurst, Alex Osborn, David Reed Hall, Grace Eberhart, Calvin Zheng

Business, Finance & Entrepreneurship Pathway: Taylor Geppert, Richard Danylo  

Valedictorian Twesha Jignesh Modi

Salutatorian Calvin Zheng

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