Put a hoodie on, kick through a pile of leaves and enjoy the KFC doughnut chicken sandwich.  After a busy summer of fast food chicken wars, KFC entered with this twist on the classic chicken and waffles combo.  Consider yourself a privileged yinzer, too. KFC only sold these in Pittsburgh and two cities in North Carolina.

When you open the box your eyes are drawn to the thick white glaze oozed over Krispy-Kreme style cake doughnuts. In between is the classic KFC chicken breast. When you first pick up the sandwich your fingers are immediately covered in icing. The doughnuts on their own were soggy and very bland, but when they were paired with the chicken is when the sandwich delivered much like its chicken and waffles counterpart.

The 11 herbs and spices of the classic KFC chicken sandwich seems almost hidden behind the overwhelming amount of glaze that they put on the sandwich.  This made the sandwich difficult to eat and as I went through eating I noticed that if you do not have a major sweet tooth this sandwich is not for you. At the bottom of the box, there was a pool of icing that had melted off of the doughnuts.

Earlier in the year, in the summer, KFC put out their chicken and waffles sandwich were much like this sandwich the replaced the buns on the classic chicken sandwich they made them waffles. Having that being released in the summer and the doughnut sandwich in the fall makes me wonder if switching the timing of the sandwiches would have been better promotionally. When I think of summer I think of carnivals and state fairs the doughnut sandwich is much like other things at these carnivals or state fairs whereas Chicken and Waffles is a staple in the south.

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The chicken and doughnuts experience is much different than the chicken and waffles one. While both have a combination of sweet and savory flavors the glaze on the doughnuts devoried the savoriness of the sandwich taking away one of the two main components of the sandwich.  After finishing eating the sandwich it felt like there was just a giant lump of sugar left in my mouth, while the experience of eating the sandwich was enjoyable it is an experience that I would not go through again unlike chicken and waffles which combines the sweetness of waffles and savoriness of fried chicken.


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