Sometimes the rapid pace of change at AHS feels like a visual of Miley Cyrus’s wrecking-ball era meltdown.

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Here’s a few of the changes from January 2019 until today.

#7 – Last Day of School, June 2019– the busses don’t show up on time, so students that actually came to school on the last day had just a few extra last moments to say goodbye to the 18-19 school year.

Your standard high school yellow bus – this one was special, though, because the returning section champion girls softball team was on it in the spring of 2019! Classes took a break and the school headed out to greet the champs.

6)  New student pizza party through service-learning

Our own reporter Nathan Morgan reflects on the experience, pictured above. “I thought that the new student party was a great opportunity to learn all about my new school. It was good to learn about the names of staff members, the sports opportunities available to me, extracurricular clubs, etc. Also, the Kahoot game was interactive and gave me some insight on some interesting facts about Avonworth. The pizza was good too!”

5)  Painting Parking Spaces for Seniors 

Even though this is something that other schools typically always let the seniors do, it was very new for our school. It was an exciting opportunity to really see individuals’ personalities expressed through art. Even if some of them did a simple painting or a well-known drawing, it was still very interesting to see their choices of what to do. 

4)  Power Outage Day..the day continued but the building didn’t have power – no power/no school

While not a planned change, one day without power was certainly an unexpected change. The power outage, caused by a massive power surge towards Mt. Nebo, made many of the kids at school leave because there was no work for the kids to do. At the end of the day, there were about 50 kids left and were left without work to do. 

3) “You can go many places during Open MOD. Sheetz is NOT one of them!” -Mrs. Dwulit

2 and 1 – New bell sounds – we’ve covered this before, but as of the last week, the changes  continue.

Chimes/jingle bells throughout December led to a surprise Grinch day (Wednesday December 18th)

and Elf quotes to lead into the winter break – (Thursday, December 19th and Friday, December 20th)




3 Replies to “7 AHS Changes You Didn’t Expect in 2019”

  1. I liked this article a lot because it reminded me of many good memories from school that I probably would have forgotten otherwise.
    One suggestion that I would make is to put a small description of the pictures that are used in the article.

  2. I think another unexpected change in the 2019 school year was definitely our school spirit. That was attributed to the new cheerleading coach Mrs. Livesay, the band, the fan section leader, Lauren Pflueger, and the students themselves! Mrs. Livesay pushed for more pep rally’s to encourage school spirit as well as over the top accessories, games, and routines. The band kept half time entertaining with their amazing half time performances that never cease to amaze the community. They’ve broken barriers this year including a rap solo for some diverse music choices! Lauren Pflueger also came up with awesome themes for all of the games as well as kept everyone up to date on Avonworth’s success. None of this could have happened without the football team’s accomplishments as well which took us all the way to Hershey. 2019 was a year to remember with school spirit thanks to special individuals!

  3. I think one of the biggest changes (your mileage may vary) to being at AHS was the success of the football team. I think that sounds kind of cliche but it was really exhilarating to see the football team win game after game in the playoffs, and then make it to Hershey. I’m not usually a huge football person (because I’m not an athletic child) but it really engaged me with our Avonworth football. I saw it as very significant because I’m just some nerd kid and it’s not often that I, being some nerd kid, was excited about sports.

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