With the decade coming to an end, let’s look at the snacks that will bring you back to elementary school, middle school, and easier times.  From Scooby Snacks, Mac and Cheese with Hot Dogs, to Little Bite Muffins, this decade was not short on the weird but delicious snacks.



Scooby Snacks were the cinnamon-flavored graham cracker treats made famous by the iconic dog Scooby-Doo. These dog -treats-shaped graham crackers gave many kids a way to connect with the show. While it may be weird to eat a dog treat shaped snack, you couldn’t help but want to go back to the classic cinnamon graham cracker taste.

Mac, Cheese, and hotdogs- the classic taste of mac and cheese with a brand new greasy twist.  While it may sound odd this snack never disappointed. It was quick, easy and delicious perfect for any kid who was hungry after school and couldn’t decide between mac and cheese or hotdogs. Plus, Friends adds another nostalgia layer because they even use this dish in 2009.

Little Bites muffins:  Grammar might not be their strong suit but you can’t beat the package of 4 chocolate chip muffins that always leave you wanting more,.from the tasteless muffin to the punch of chocolate chips inside them.  The perfect take- to- school- lunch- snack that never disappointed.

What was your go-to snack in the 2010’s? Leave your suggestion below and we’ll add it in.


2 Replies to “Classic Tastes of the 2010’s – A Decade In Snacks and A Quick Meal”

  1. My go-to snack was definitely hot dogs and mac and cheese. My mom would make it at least once a week and it was my favorite.

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