Halloween may be over but your inner 8 year old still craves the sweet cherry flavor of a  liquified Starburst.  Upon first inspection, the powder that is going to be mixed into the water is a sugar consistency and is the same shade as a red apple.


The powder smells like Maraschino cherry juice with about 50 grams of sugar added to it. Even though the drink itself does not have any sugar it does, however, have a fake sugar called aspartame.  This gave the powder that major sugar presence.

Once you pour the powder into water and shake it to get the powder mixed up the liquid is still very red and “smells more like an overly sweet candle” says Elizabeth Schrim. The powder also didn’t completely dissolve even though it was shaken for over a minute.

Fake blood?


Now we get to the taste.

Your first sip is the “star” and “burst” you gleefully hoped for when you bought this (or accepted after you lost a bet or a dare and had to try it). You get a very sweet maraschino cherry taste. After a couple of seconds have passed, though,  you are left with a very unappealing aftertaste that coats your entire mouth.

It also gave multiple people piercing headaches.  This left the drink very unappealing to those who tried it, including me.  Overall, I would not recommend trying this and I will definitely not be drinking it again. Avoid any bets where the loser has to drink this, too.

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