If you’re anything like me the Fast and the Furious franchise bringing back Brian O’ Connor the character made famous by Paul Walker, who passed away in November of 2013, left you with a sour taste in your mouth. They have also brought in actor John Cena as Dominic Toretto’s brother, out of nowhere.  It feels wrong now, with the 9th movie, especially after 7 years since his tragic death, to bring Brian into the movie. It seems like a  thirst for money and makes the Fast and the Furious cast look disrespectful.

Paul Walker died in the middle of filming for Furious 7 and his brother Cody Walker filled in and filmed the rest of that movie. They had no choice since they needed to finish filming that movie. Bringing back Paul Walker’s character, considering there is no demand too many seem very disrespectful towards Paul Walker and his friends and family.  They rounded off Brian O’ Connor’s story in Furious 7 by sending him and Dom on different paths to conclude the movie. Even though it has been nearly 7 years since he passed away many still believe that it is too soon and people who loved the series are still comprehending his passing.

we all Dom but let’s talk about Jakob with a K


Dominic Toretto, the main character of the franchise, now has a brother and we, as long term fans, are just supposed to overlook how he was never mentioned or in any other movie before this one?  Played by John Cena, Dominic’s brother is an elite assassin who has always wanted to be better than Dom and now is tasked with killing him.  It seems like they just threw random bits and pieces of plot structures together because we have been left with a sibling rivalry that hasn’t been mentioned before. Along with that what is the back story going to be, since Jakob, Dom’s brother, hasn’t been mentioned? No matter what, the sudden emergence of his brother has made the movies seem even more unrealistic than ever before…and these movies have never been about realism.


Bringing back Brian O’ Connor along with adding in Jakob, Dom’s mysterious brother makes the plot of the movies very difficult to follow. So when the Fate of the Furious 29 comes out much like Fast and the Furious 9 it will still just feel like a way to capitalize on the tendencies of younger audiences in order to drain money rather than focus on the much older fans who love the classic car movies.


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