When you think of your favorite cookie I doubt Potato chips come to mind, but should it?  When brought to me today in class I thought that it was just a normal wedding style cookie. Until the maker of the cookies told me that the secret ingredient was the classic Lays potato chips. Which would explain why they had a nice crunch to them which you wouldn’t expect with a normal cookie.

By adding the chips to the dough you do have to be careful about the amount of oil/ butter due to the extra saturated and trans fat that comes along with the chips. This is why you are more likely to end up with a cookie that is a little extra greasy than normal. Though that may sound like a bad thing the salty twist that the chips give to the cookie more than balance the grease that they have brought to the cookie. Even though the recipe was cut in half it still had a bit of a greasy feel and taste

The first time you bite into the cookie you are first to meet with the half-melted powder sugar still mildly warm from the cookie, then the delicate soft cookie with a crunchy bottom given to you by the salty Lays potato chips. Having the chips honestly just adds another layer of depth to your cookie-eating experience and in my mind is a great addition to any cookie. The mix between the softness of the cookie dough and the crunch from the potato chips makes this cookie the perfect treat. With a 9 out of 10  experience, this classic wedding cookie with a crunchy salty twist of Lays potato chips this cookie is a great way to shake up a party.


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