With the recent emergence of the worldwide pandemic, it is hard not to think about how the new college students who graduated from Avonworth are impacted.

“Pitt doesn’t really seem to care about it so they’ve barely changed anything,” says 2019 senior Lucas McDonald stated when asked about how the virus has impacted his college life. Lucas then continued, “The real threat of the virus isn’t to the regular students, it’s the older faculty mand the immunocompromised.” He does mention a very important point that this seems to be taking the worse toll on people who are older or have underlying health issues with their immune system leaving most teachers our age with little to no worries.

Similarly, David Binley, another 2019 senior at the University of Pittsburgh, stated: “So far nothing has happened but if it gets worse the University of Pittsburgh is moving their classes online.” Again, this brings up another very important question do those college students who are moving home still have to pay for their dorms on campus.




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