With the year coming to the end it is hard not to look at how this year has differed from others before. With the rise of Covid-19, school and other factors of daily life for a high school student have changed.  So what does a normal day look like for a high school student look like?

Well, I try to start every day at around 1030 am at least I try hard too. For the first month of quarantine, I found it very hard to actually get up and start school, and with that the rest of my day as well. After that month or so it was easy to keep moving once I got a routine going.

From around 11 am to 2 pm I work on my classes and try to get as much work for the week done as possible. Many teachers post all the work that we have to do for that week all at once which makes it easier to get things done as fast as possible.  At the start of the week, I normally finish geometry and algebra just to get math done for the week.  Today I decided to finish up all the World Affairs work I had remaining for the week we are just started looking into WW2.

A look into how classes are set up

I also finished my last Algebra homework and notes for the year my next and last class will be a quiz on what we learned to finish the year which was functions and inverse functions. Along with Algebra came the end of Geometry which we will have a quiz on elements of trigonometry and the area and volume of shapes.

Many teachers will have meetings to catch up with students who may have questions about homework or the class. My math classes have them on Thursday and Friday where the teacher will go over homework questions that students may have. Some meetings work better than others due to technical difficulties occurring during some, but overall they are very helpful and a change of pace from the normal classwork.  Afterward, we get to the most important part at around 3 pm its time to make lunch.

waiting to catch up with classmates

After lunch its time to get straight back to work and make sure to not forget to fill out attendance for the day. After signing in for the school day even though all the work for the day is about finished the rest of the time I don’t really know what to do with.  I’m not used to not having something after school that takes up most of the time for the rest of the day. I normally spend it watching Netflix and playing some games which seem to fill up the time till around 6:45 pm which is the perfect time to make more food.

The perfect after school show

I found that though school work takes up about the same time as it normally would the day feels slower and like I have more time than I know what to do with. Even though it’s only about two hours where I’m making time between finishing up school and making dinner it feels like a whole day in between a short period. Now we get to the end of the day which I finish up the last of the work that I have for the day and look over to make sure I didn’t miss anything for school that day.

Its a really weird time to be in a school where it feels like some days take 45 hours and others go by in a matter of minutes it seems.  It is amazing that with this pandemic in the world how schools are able to basically continue as normal due to the amount of technology that schools have integrated into a normal day.  Truthfully it isn’t much different from a day before Covid-19 school goes by rather quick and I don’t know what to do with the time afterward.

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