The odd times in 2020 continue. Remember in October, when students were demanding to be sent home from school due to a power outage?

So now, it’s online school everyday, at home, due to Covid-19. Whether at home or at school, food is a very important part of the day. So, what are the best foods and which have kinda just become okay during this quarantine.

High school or college student, the first food that came to mind was Ramen. More specifically chicken-flavored ramen.

Quick, easy, and incredibly flavorful, it is obvious why it has become so popular among high school and college students. Throughout all of the quarantine, it has been my go-to snack or lunches. Also, the variety of flavors makes it very hard to get bored of, even after a couple of months in quarantine.

Not all foods can be as good as Ramen, though.  I did notice that some foods did become just okay instead of good. The most notable one?
Mac and Cheese (classic snack version with added hot dogs pictured below)

Much like Ramen, it is quick and easy to make, however, it became boring after a week.

Another similar food downgraded to okay was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Before quarantine, they were a very again easy and fast lunch solution. But now, with easy and fast not really a need for meal prep,  PB and J just seems plain and boring. Though very good from time to time, PB and Js are not an everyday lunch solution like others.

What about snacks throughout the day though? What’s something quick that you can enjoy in between “classes”?  The first thing that comes to my mind is pretzels. Crunchy, salty and all-around delicious.

Now most time pretzels come in small 16 oz bags…but when you are offered a 3-pound bag of them, the answer is obviously yes. They have been my go-to snack that I grab a handful after one class and before another.

There might be a pandemic but we can still enjoy the food that never gets old. Ramen, Pretzels, alongside Pizza, are the best of quarantine foods. Classic PB and J and Kraft Mac and Cheese downgraded to only okay.  The odd times keep coming as 2020 progresses. What will not change is what gets eaten, whether at school or at home.

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