For their graduation project, Izabella Johnson, Elle Theobald, and Alexa Nelson worked with administrators to find a place for and paint a mural. Struggling with the renovation plans and finding a permanent place for their project, the mural ultimately ended up being in front of the Foods Room, just right of room 117.



Once their section of the mural was finished, however, they decided to branch out. Through February, advertisements like the one below ran on both the written and verbal announcements: “Would you like to make your mark? From February 7th through February 11th, those who donate $3 will be given their ticket to draw on a brick space to be a part of a large-scale mural. Later on, you will have to come in during your own time to do your drawing. Space is limited, so donate quickly before all spots sell out. See Izabella Johnson, Elle Theobald, or Alexa Nelson for more information to purchase a brick space during LEAD in the high school lobby. The mural is by the art room, and we’ll be overseeing people drawing on the wall. Also, as an added treat, have $5 ready for a gift card basket raffle with three $50 gift cards. All proceeds go towards the Hannah Milbert Fund.”

Hannah attended AHS until she died in a house fire in 2018. She was a goalie for the girls soccer team –

Dodgeball Tournament Fundraiser for the Milberts




Other AHS students were given the opportunity to make their own marks on the mural with $3 bricks to be purchased and painted. Many jumped at the prospect, buying bricks almost immediately. The process of filling them in, however, has not been stress-free.  It has repeatedly been a challenge for the organizers to convince people to fill in the bricks on time, with the proposed deadline of March 18th. As of April 5th, more than 20 of the bricks have not been completed.

Despite these challenges, the mural has shaped into a beautiful reminder of all of the students at Avonworth, and what matters greatly to them.

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