Photos by Kelly Kashaba – copy by AvonewsOnline editors

For students used to gathering in the library during LEAD, May 2022 is not the end-of-the-year as usual. Seating, shelving, and books have been taken down, removed, and are headed for the school district’s storage space.

How the space looked on Prom day, Friday, May 13th

Same wall, but with shelving and books, as well as tables from collaboration setup – photo taken earlier in May, 2022.

Prior to the pandemic, students throughout the mid to late 2010’s, when the original library format was  often used this space in May for socializing and studying. 

The library earlier in 2020-2021

Note the different high-back seating as well as Mac desktops alongside where the library counter was. 

Here’s a look back at the events in the above picture, a May day in 2019:


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